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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life Immitates Merchandising......

Whenever I pick up a  magazine or a coffee table book I always start by reading it backwards. {I know, it's weird right.}  I usually open in the middle, flip pages until I get to the beginning, go back to the middle, and then work my way slowly to the end. I am often the same in life.  I just get so excited, plunge right in, and then slowly gain my composure and begin to execute a sensible and practical plan. I am the first to admit, I can sometimes get ahead of myself.  It's a good thing that my big picture, creatively energized self, has the balance
{and lets be honest, also conflict}of my good intended "logical" husband.  {Yes, darling I did use the words sensible, practical, and plan all in the same sentence.  Aren't you proud?}  :)  

The thing about me is once I slow down and really focus on being intentional, I start to worry.  I wonder if everything will turn out the way I'd  hoped.  I second guess my decisions, torture myself with uncertainty and so on. {I am in process of overcoming this weakness!!  Yeah for me, I can do it!} But what I have learned is this: As in merchandising, also is in life.  There is no sense in worrying.  You can only plan so much, and then you just have to show up and work with what you have right in front of you! I love when a creative project takes me in a surprising direction and turns out so much greater than my original design. And now I can look back and realize this trend taking place in my life as well.  It is a wonderful feeling!

I love getting the phone call from my client that there are boxes of new merchandise waiting at her shop and it is time for me to come in and display them beautifully!  I run through some plans in my head and then I just show up, and work with what is right in front of me!  Here are a few pictures of my merchandising. {How can you not love the picture above with the French cookbooks in a wire basket?!  You can imagine these sold fast!}
Love to all,
Netti T

I love a perfectly stacked set of books!

 Picture yourself taking a bath in a jar of honey!

The bracelet is saying " Buy me. I am sophisticated, I will make you ask yourself the important questions in life.  And I look great paired with this ring."

 Have a wonderful day living your life!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Happy Place.....

I am blessed to have a few of what I like to call, "soul sisters."  You know, the friends who, when you get together you skip all the small talk and get right down to the good stuff. An instant exchange of struggles, celebrations, shared support, and encouragement.  I am truly in my happy place when I am in the company of one of these friends.  Clearly, my other happy place is working on a design project.  So....  You can imagine my overflow of happiness when I had the privilege of doing both of these things at the same time!

One of my most dear friends, {You know who you are!  I always LOVE our time together!} asked if I would come over to her house and turn it in to a home.  Ofcourse, we first sat around chatting with coffee in hand, oblivious to our little boys in the back yard creating a mud mountain out of potting soil. {the uninterupted talking time was well worth the cleanup.} Once we got the boys to off to a nap it was DECORATING TIME!!!! The countdown begins.  We had just 2.5 hours. I instantly roamed the house searching for dispersed treasures to put on display. 

I used only what she had around the house.  We pulled jars from the garage, dishes out of  the kitchen cabinets, mirrors off the walls, furniture from other rooms, etc. She has an eye for amazing pieces!  We just had to pull them together in the right way.

Here is the BEFORE:

Here is the AFTER:

Hello dinner parties!
This table was up against a wall in a corner of the kitchen. Now when friends enter they will be greeted with a charming little dining room and space for all to have a seat.  This room refelects the hearts of the people living here.  Full of vibrancy, friendship, and good desserts!

Love to all,
Netti T

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Here is a set of window displays I designed for a Spa.  My plan was to combine a variety of textures and have the viewer feeling organic fresh.  I love the combination of the rustic crates, vintage metal, and textured red bricks.  Throw in some moss, succulents, lush white towels, transparent  green glass, and my love of burlap {our love affair began almost a year ago and I still find myself attempting to include you in any project. You are amazing.} and I am thinking I would like to enjoy a day in that Spa!

I had the best time shopping for these windows. Skylar was my co-pilot for the day. She insisted on doing work with Mommy so off we went hunting for treasures at the Design District on Cedros Ave. It was a day well spent.

Goodbye. Hello!

Hello.  My name is Annette.  You can call me Netti.  Welcome to my Blog.  So here's the deal........

I invite you to share in my journey as I attempt to make a career doing what I LOVE {not just like, or often enjoy.  I mean love. The thing I am most excited to wake up and spend a day doing}. My journey comes at a cost, a huge cost, but life threw some curve balls and I figure since we are making changes, we might as well make BIG changes.   Options were considered, pro's-and-con's charts were written up, and decisions were made.

Goodbye, So Long, Farewell:
1) Great salary, monthly bonus, company car, & benefits. {Oh how I miss you! Penny pinching.... how do I say it?.... Just sucks!  Sometimes I find myself excited about the innovative way I managed to stretch a dollar, but most days I have to continually remind myself of all the reason's we chose this path. Gone are the days of Costco impulse buys.  It sure was fun while it lasted and I like to believe we will see each other again someday.}
2.) House that I loved. {We put so much time and $ into you. And you were so full of love and wonderful memories. However, I admit I do love you more now than I did when I owned you. One of those, "you don't know what you've got till it's gone scenarios. Considering we just relocated to one of the most expensive areas, I can now only dream of buying a new house as wonderful as you were.}
3.) A most amazing community filled with meaningful relationships. {Folsom, CA.  I thought I was one of your lifelong residents and when I left, I was convinced I would never reside in a more charming city.  Lucky for me, I have been so pleasantly surprised. But not to worry, you were my first love and I will always hold you close to my heart.}

And now the fun part.... drum roll please....

Hello, Welcome, Come in:
1.) Freedom to pursue my passions! Instead of counting the minutes in the work day, I countdown the minutes until I get to start my next big job! It is an amazing feeling. I have lifted my Visual Design career off the ground and so far it has been incredible.{I am cool with a slow take-off, but please, please, please in another year, when both kids are in school, let's soar huge heights together!!}
 2.) A little condo by the beach. And I do mean little! {I curse you daily. I swear your walls are caving in on me. But the truth is that I have never been more hopeful, driven, grateful, and inspired.  Somehow you have given me such personal growth and I am really starting to like the new version of me}
3.) San Diego!!! Wow! { Encinitas, CA.  You win the prize for being what I never knew I always wanted.  What else can I say other than,You rock!}
4.) Happy husband, happy kids! {Greg, you are right, God made you to be a teacher and I am so proud of who you are. We did make the right decision relocating for your job.} I am so incredibly blessed to now have the opportunity to spend more time home with the kids. {Skylar and Luke, you can get excited because yes, tomorrow is a "stay at home with mommy day." Let's make pancakes, break out the dress up clothes, talk about princesses while watching the movie Cars, and then head to the park.} 

So.... with all that being said....  I encourage you to share in my journey.  I will keep you updated on my completed projects, share design tips and knowledge gained, and most important, aim to inspire anyone who like me, sat on a dream for a really long time, and is searching daily for the strength and courage to try to make it happen. 

Love to all,