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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Here is a set of window displays I designed for a Spa.  My plan was to combine a variety of textures and have the viewer feeling organic fresh.  I love the combination of the rustic crates, vintage metal, and textured red bricks.  Throw in some moss, succulents, lush white towels, transparent  green glass, and my love of burlap {our love affair began almost a year ago and I still find myself attempting to include you in any project. You are amazing.} and I am thinking I would like to enjoy a day in that Spa!

I had the best time shopping for these windows. Skylar was my co-pilot for the day. She insisted on doing work with Mommy so off we went hunting for treasures at the Design District on Cedros Ave. It was a day well spent.


  1. Amazing! You have such a wonderful talent darling! I love what you did with the bricks they really give the window a wonderful textured appeal. Lovely.

  2. Annette!! It turned out amazing!! I'm so happy to see the infamous window I've been hearing about. I'm absolutely blown away!


  3. This window would stop me in my tracks! I absolutely love seeing window displays using unexpected things like bricks with the more spa like things like bright white towels. Really lovely...