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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Into the Garden we go.....

I am blogging this evening not because I have deep thoughts to digest or insight to share but rather because I am trying to avoid my desire to lay on the sofa all night watching shows I have no interest in.  So here I am, having convinced myself that hours on the computer, consumming meaningless calories, {I am eating red vines while typing.} was a superior option to the first.  Hmmmm.....  Nonetheless, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share Skylar's recent Birthday Party with you.  I had a great time designing it and I discovered three great sources along the way that everyone should know about!

Love to all,
Netti T

We hosted Skylar's party at Casa Blanca Salon & Spa {a client, turned friend.} The girls were requested to come dressed in white or yellow and we had them transformed  into  lovely Garden Fairies.  Below is a picture of the "Fairy Checklist" each girl received upon arrival.

Ofcourse we had a food table for Fairies and Parents with the munchies.  I used burlap for a tablecloth, layered with fabric, and my plants from home.  The butterflies in jars were from a project I did a few months back. Greg made the cheese and fruit platter. {and then I re-did it. Poor guy has to put up with me.}

 Source #1: VG's Donuts and Bakery. Cardiff, CA 
Upon the realization I did not have the time to bake 3 dozen cupcakes, I ordered 36 white cake, buttercream frosting, plain cupcakes.  I decorated them with a mint leaf, dried strawberry, and our signature party graphics. The cupcakes were a huge hit!  Every guest was amazed by how delicious they were! {And the truth is I only enjoy decorating cupcakes, not baking them.  So for $0.89 per cupcake, VG's  is my only way to go!}

I made these hair clips for the stylist to put in each girls up-do.

After each girl completed her "tranformation" we did a photo shoot, instantly printed the picture, and they put it in their "potting craft picture frame."  The girls were so adorable!

Source #2:  
An old college friend refered me to their website for wings and tutus and I was astounded by their absolutely amazing prices and customer service!!!   They carry boys and girls items, check it out.

 The Potting Craft table. Super easy, no glue needed. It was a good activity for the girls while they waited in line to have hair, make up, nails, etc. {This picture is of Skylar when she was 7 weeks old. She was laying on a beach towel during her first camping trip}

A completed project to take home.

The coloring station.  Again, for the girls to do while waiting for their turn.  Everyone was so patient!

 Make a Wish!
{Mommies wish was that Daddy would wear green to match the party, he said yes!  What a guy!}

 Source #3: Gwynn Wasson Designs. 
You can find her on Etsy.  I purchased the invitations and graphics in the form of a pdf file. You send her your info, she plugs it in, and emails a pdf.  You can print it all from home and the possibilities are endless.  I used her graphics for Invitations, Pixie Punch straw toppers, fairy checklists, cupcake toppers, birthday banner, party decor, and thank you cards. {pictured below}