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Friday, April 13, 2012

"Feeling Blue"

Until last weekend, I spent a whole year "feeling blue."

No matter how hard I tried, against all my inner strength, direct focus, and self talk to be happy with what I had... my obsession only seemed to grow!

 I just could not get "feeling blue" out of my system.

I was convinced.  The only way to solve my mental fixation is to turn my thoughts into reality....
Navy Blue... Contrasting White.... Pops of Yellow and Bright Green.... Crisp... Fresh... Fun...

I suppose it was the ocean air that got to me.  Afterall, I was born in the fall and have always been drawn to warm colors.  As a redhead, shades of brown and green have always been my go-to palette. But there I was feeling alien to my current surroundings in both my wardrobe and my home.  

Two years of beach living and I am suddenly seeing the world through a whole new set of eyes! I feel best dressed in my navy and white stripes accessorized with a golden locket and brown boots. I am most at home walking through my favorite little shop, Bixby and Ball, a coastal living store in Solana Beach.

Last weekend I made the transistion from "feeling blue" to now "living blue."

I fell captive to an incredible deal on a set of blue and white sofa pillows. 
I had my eyes on them for months and now I simply could not resist.  

Oh I tried to say NO.

I was well aware if I came home with new pillows, which in my husbands words would be "pillows we do not need," I would be getting a mouthful in return. It wouldn't matter, nor would I be stupid enough to try to justify to him.... but sweetheart these are the pillows I have always loved though could never have afforded.Seriously this is an amazing deal! For months I failed in my attempts to find something comparible in style in my price range. They are designed by John Robshaw. They will send our living room in a whole new direction, the blues... white... pops of yellow and green...a fresh, crisp, fun feeling.  None of it would matter, only one simple fact.  We did not need them. And he was right. But I needed them. So I made a decision. {a decision I know many wives are all too familiar with}. I bought the pillows. I decided to take the heat from the hubby. His frustraion would last minutes, or maybe days. But I would have my pillows for years. :)

I am "living blue" and I love it!
{ in a few months we will have pops of yellow and green. When the husband gives his blessing ofcourse.} 

For the record, I do not condone my behavior. Thanks Greg for your forgiveness. ;)

Love to all,
Netti T

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grand Opening...

Here are a few photos from my completed project, Hair Lounge & Spa. The pics I took of the space were not up to par {what's new...} so I borrowed photos from the Grand Opening party we enjoyed a few weeks back.  It is only a small glimpse so you will have to go check it out! 
112 S. Cedros Ave
Solana Beach CA 92075

{The mirror and chair fabric is spectacular in person.}

{The girls in action...}

{mmmm... cream puffs. My favorite.}

{Just a little sneak peak.  Much more fun to tempt your wallet!}

{The Fabulous owners! xoxo}

Friday, January 6, 2012

Words to Live By....

This year we decided New Year's Eve would be best spent at home, as a party of 2. Greg and I did not commit to staying up late enough to see the ball drop in New York City {but we did make it to midnight and I was so proud of myslef!}, and instead of getting dressed to impress like originally planned, I enjoyed the evening in a pair of mismatched jammies.  Our plan was to spend time recapping 2011 and forecasting 2012.  But first, we brought out a bottle of red wine and endulged in the endless supply of chocolate boxes given to Greg for Christmas from his students.  We turned on The New Years Rockin Eve Special in the background and then proceeded to bring out the laptop.   In tears from laughing so hard at a series of videos on YouTube, we quickly gained our compusure when we heard the phone ring.  Our dear friends {and by dear I mean always ready to party! You know who you are.  We love you!} from our prior life in NorCal were on the line.  Once we enjoyed some good quality speaker phone chat it was time to get to work. Recap and Forecasting time! 

I think the fact we opted for a mellow New Year's Eve is a solid indication that 2011 was a heck of a ride!  We agreed 2011 was the "Roller Coaster" year.  Not neccessarily because of it's up and downs {however, 2011 you did have your fair share!} but rather because of the sensation you get when on a roller coaster ride.  You know the feeling when you are strapped in to your seat and just sitting still in anticipation to free fall  10 stories.  Suddenly you drop at a rapid speed and the remainder of the ride is filled with a series of thrill and fear.  When you finally make it to the end of the ride, you are not sure if you should laugh or cry, so you decide to just go sit on a bench for a moment. Yep, that was 2011. {My poor mother had a hard time keeping up with my phone calls.  I was either in complete tears, or sharing the most amazing news!  Thanks mom, you are the best!}

Needless to say, our forecast for 2012 is to have a "steady" year.  It is important to me to make decisions based on opportunities to grow and move forward, but if we can have a year with "no new news" I think that will be a step in the right direction for the Thornquest family.  In an effort to maintain stability in 2012 Greg and I made a list of goals, areas of focus, truths to live by, and fun things to look forward to.  Ofcourse I had to take it a step further and attempt to post inspiring quotes and bible verses all over the house.  {Greg thinks this is so cliche.}

Quote signs are all the rage in the world of decor, and I think every home, make that every room, should have at least one inspiring quote hung in a creative fashion.  So pick your favorite quotes and display them in an unexpected way.  I will be doing the same.  {Even if Greg thinks I am silly}

Cheers to a "keeping it simple" kind of year.  Here are some quotes I resonate with,

Love to all,

A daily choice to be happy.  {Those darn birds always stealing my food at the beach!}

{For anyone like me, with the fear of failure!  We can do it!}

{I dwell in possibility to a fault. Even being married to a realist hasn't stopped me.  Hey, you just never know when you might come across a needle in a haystack!}

{From the movie "The Help."  I have been telling my kids this since watching the movie.}

{So true.  Back to the "dwell in possibility"}

 {No matter what age, we all want to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, knowing we are loved.}