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Monday, April 18, 2011

Painted Toenails

The sun is shining in beautiful San Diego! I can feel spring in the air and summer right around the corner.  There is a certain energy here this time of year and I am gearing up for some good times! I have moved my flip flops to their permanent position on the porch and realize I am in desperate need of a pedicure {And a tan! Who's idea was it to have a white red head living at the beach?! Seriously!}

Love to all,
Netti T

Here are BEFORE and AFTER pictures of a Manicure/Pedicure room I styled a few months back. Not a major renovation, but just enough to give it a new look.



Havanah Baskets - Pottery Barn
Gorgeous Botanicals - Gardenology {where I am now working 3 days/week!  It is amazing!  I will post about it soon!}
Pottery- Anthropologie
Furniture- A secret vendor :)
Bricked Wall - I honestly forget the name of the company.  But it looks amazing right! 


Vintage Brick Molds- Bon Bon {A great store filled with Flea Market finds}
I thought this was a creative way to display the polish.

BEFORE: (magazine and cup holder)

{Another creative way to use a vintage brick mold}



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Karen, this one is for you!

 The headboard says it all.  I did not make this but I think I may!!!  Grey, white, brown, and mustard yellow.  I love! So perfect!

Blogging is intimidating.  It is like spending weeks planning your amazing sweet sixteen party and then praying people will show up.  Well I am excited to tell you that I have at least one person coming to my party!  My dear friend informed me she was disappointed last week when she checked my blog and found no new posting. I responded with "Hoorah! Someone is actually looking forward to reading my blog!" So Karen, this one is for you.......But first let me tell everyone what I was busy doing last week.

I have a most amazing client  {amazing is an understatement} who unfortunately had to clear out their entire business due to a fire. The good news is.... They had to purchase all new merchandise and redesign the enitre boutique! {To some this may be overwhelming, but to the owner and myself, this was the excitement of the year!} Off we went to Los Angeles. She brought me as her buying consultant.  {okay, let's just stop right there.  This is incredible.  I spent days scouring the streets of LA, shopping for fabulous finds,  and then swiped someone else's credit card!  Her husband was our driver,  we stayed the night at the "W", and had all meals covered. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Could it get any better!?}  We had a very successful trip, discovered great new vendors, and then headed back to San Diego to get to work.  By the end of the week we have a whole new shop!  I will post pictures next week.

Love to all,

Without further ado, Karen, this one is for you.  {Not my work, but I think it may inspire you}

I am LOVING a Tuft headboard! {So sophisticated, like yourself.}
When doing your new Master bedroom, play with multiple textures and furniture styles.  Stay away from walking into a furniture store and buying the 6 piece matching set.  Make it interesting and thought provoking.
I cannot get enough of a Grey wall color.  It is such a perfect neutral and not the same old beige.  Goes great with brown, black, white, or a mixture of all three aside a pop of color. 

Here are a few more fun pictures.

And now for my must haves to compliment a tufted headboard:

1) I love this print below. Find it and incorporate somehow.  pillow, throw, upholstered chair, etc.
2) A mirrored dresser or nightstand.  Just one.