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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Dearest Burlap....

Eighteen months ago Greg and I rallied the help of family and friends to assist in our move to a quaint beach town in San Diego. {and eighteen months later I still pinch myself, amazed at what an incredible place I have the privilege to call home.} One of our dear friends arrived for duty with a map in hand. He grew up in Encinitas and decided to equip us with a map of local hot spots .  What to eat, where to shop, etc. First on his list, Pannikan.  An old train station turned coffee shop.  A place to lounge, people watch, get inspired, and most importantly have a good cup of coffee. 
Once we made our first visit I was pleasantly surprised to learn just $1 could buy you a coffee bean sack.  I immediately knew a fun craft was in my future!  I went to the Pannikan for a cup of coffee.  I left with my future artwork for above our fireplace.  Gotta love life's little surprises.
I cut, I painted, I glued, I nailed.  One coffee bean sack, 6 seagrass placemats, a few hours and $15 later, the Thornquest's have wall art.

A little positivity to share......
Make these words a part of your vocabulary: I can, I will, Expect the best, I know, I will make the time, Positively, I am confident, I do believe, All things are possible!

Love to all,
Netti T