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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coming Soon!

"When one door closes, another door opens."

My long time client came to me 3 months ago to inform me that after 17 years of business they were closing their doors...... and planning on opening a brand new salon and spa on the Design District in Solana Beach!  Per their request, I quickly came on board {humbled to have such an incredible opportunity} and for the past 10 weeks I have served the role of Creative Director.  It has been an incredible process and with opening day just 3 weeks away, I can hardly contain  my excitement {and my exhaustion!}.  As I write, the floors are being installed, the business cards are being printed, the signage is being proofed, and one little girl tags along after school to watch her Mama live out her passions! {Thank you Skylar and baby Ariel for all your wall color reccomendations.  I am sorry we were not able to paint a rainbow like you suggested.}

I promise I will post an overwhelming number of pictures when the project is completed!

Love to all,