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Monday, May 23, 2011

Adios Piggy Bank......

Having been parents now for 4 years, Greg and I have had many conversations regarding the values we want to teach our children.  One of the top 5 values on our list is Money.  We decided we need to be extremely intentional in teaching our kids how to positively handle money.  We thought if we ingrain positive money management at a very early age, when they are grown, they will instinctively have the habit.  In doing so, I decided a piggy bank wasn't enough to teach Skylar and Luke money management.  We need to take it a step further and teach them the proper order and percentages of money. 
We said goodbye to the piggy bank and came up with SHARE. SAVE. SPEND.  And so we have began the 18 year process of brainwashing our children to 1) first share our money 2) always save our money 3) spend a small portion of our money {a small portion, that is of course until they have bills, mortgages, children, cars, etc.  ughhhh...}  :)
Love to all,
Netti T

Skylar and I gathered items around the house to create our new money system.  Ball jars, twine, vintage tablecloth, craft paper, and butterflies........

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